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This is an exert from the Sailing Anarchy website describing the use of Content Management Systems by yachting associations with particular mention of the International 505 site built by Halcyon Daze.

"Fueled by enthusiastic new volunteers and powered by Content Management Systems (CMS) and often, the collaborative power of our own forums, these sites look awesome and function well. Example: Check out the International 5o5 site; it is simple, sexy, and full of good information that helps keep existing owners and crew engaged while providing lots of motivation for prospective members to get involved.  You'll find hot videos, good photos, engaging stories, classified ads, and even forums - all in easy-to-use and logical format."

Referring to the 505 Association site built by Halcyon Daze.

"I know - I know -- I'm biased --- but Holy Cow, I can't believe this class has their act together this much.

So to .........who put this together,,,, BRAVO!!"

KM McCabe

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