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One of the biggest issues facing any membership-based organisation is the administration of membership records and the delivery of information, products and services back to members and stakeholders. At Halcyon Daze, we can provide your organisation with the very latest web-based applications to address these issues. No matter how big or small your organisation is, it is now possible to provide your members with the very latest web-based services that will –

  1. make life much easier in the administration of your membership and at the same time
  2. deliver up to date content, information and on-line services back to your stakeholders.

A Typical Scenario

Generic database software, like Microsoft Excel and Access, are a big improvement over paper records but they weren't designed specifically for associations, clubs and other groups for maintaining membership records. You need to invest time of staff and volunteers to keep it up-to-date, clean of duplicates and synchronised with other systems - website, email newsletter service, event registration and so on. Typically, administrators face these common hurdles:

  • Ongoing struggle to ensure data is consistent in a single 'master' list
  • Multiple copies of contact lists being updated by several people at the same time - making the reconciliation a nightmare and figuring out which members are fully up-to-date downright impossible
  • Combing through emails, faxes and payment slips to reconcile registrations and payments
  • There are numerous duplicates and outdated records in the list.

A New Era

Halcyon Daze can provide your organisation with a complete, all-in-one web-based application to store member records as part of your website. Halcyon Daze's member database is automatically integrated with your website along with many other organising and communication tools. Manual administration of your membership records will become a thing of the past:

Here's how Halcyon Daze can free you from the limitations of your old membership management database:

  • Each event registration is automatically linked to the member record and contact information is pre-filled. Members automatically get the right pricing based on the membership level
  • New members are automatically granted access to appropriate website functions - and lapsed members are locked out
  • Once an online member application form is submitted and dues are paid, the record appears automatically in your member database (and you get a notification) · Each member can go to your website and securely login to update their own contact information, register for events, renew and pay membership dues
  • Current members have access to a private website area (member intranet) where you can provide valuable resources for your members and enable them to interact via discussion forums and blogs
  • Put up a member directory page on your website - either for the general public to look up your current members - or a private one for members
  • Automatically send event notices, confirmations and renewal reminders to your members
  • Quickly reach out and contact your whole membership or any selected group via a built-in email tool.

Setup Hands-off Membership Application Process

The membership application process is fully automated, including the online credit card payment. Customize the application form, structure your member list by membership levels, setup email confirmations. Monitor new applications on your member dashboard - and generate membership income reports instantly.

Easily Automate Membership Renewals and Recurring Payment

Define rules and renewal policies for different member categories. Setup monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual memberships. Use recurring payments. Automatically send renewal reminders and let members renew online.

Service Members Better And Save Your Time with Online Member Portal

Our online portal let's you put your members in control - and save your own time. Here are some of the self-service functions:

  • Online member application form
  • Secure login for each member to update contact information and renew and upgrade membership
  • Access to member-only web pages (member intranet),

Instantly Publish Member Directory for Public or Secure Private Access

The online member directory is directly connected to your contact database. It can be made public or private, customized to meet your needs and integrated into your site. It provides powerful search tools - and ensures privacy and security.

Communicate with Your Members and Supporters - and Connect them Online

Energize and organize your community and supporters with a professional and up-to-date website! Let members interact through the blog and discussion forums. Reach out via your member intranet, use email tool to end newsletter or targeted emails.

Effortlessly Maintain Up-to-Date Member List and Contact Database

Structure and organize your database by membership level. Easily import your current list (and export it back in Excel format any time with one click). Lookup member records quickly and review transaction history. Select groups of members and send targeted emails to them. Generate membership dues income report and monitor membership list via online dashboard.

Additional Features and Options

Providing a centralised, web-based membership application is only a relatively small part of the functionality that can be delivered through our Content Management System.

Also, if your organisation has a specific need or requirement,  Halcyon Daze can provide custom coding to fulfill special requests.

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