What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) and application framework that powers 2.7% of the entire web. With a vibrant volunteer community, user-friendly features and plenty of power, Joomla is perfect for your site!

Today, businesses, organisations and clubs can take advantage of dynamic, database driven websites that offer far more than just publishing text and images online. Today and into the future, Content Management System (CMS) based websites will dominate the marketplace. Perhaps the most important feature of a Joomla based site is the ability for clients to completely manage their site content and menus. This can be done on any computer, anywhere with Internet access.  Other features include -

Joomla features:

  • Completely database driven site engines

  • News, products or services sections fully editable and manageable

  • User content management and webpage editing functionality

  • Website statistics

  • Company Intranet functionality

  • Banner advertising (if required)

  • Contact and registered user management

  • Mass email features to subscribers

  • Change order of objects including news, FAQs, articles etc.

  • The ability to tag content according to user groups

  • Latest news function

  • Application, documents and form management

  • Website links management

  • Website search function

  • Template design allows for customisation and regular upgrades

  • Image library - store all your PNGs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, GIFs and JPEGs online for easy use

  • Polls/Surveys

  • Layout preview

Optional Features

  • Members bulletin board and forum

  • Frequently Asked Questions functionality

  • Random Newsflash generator

  • Newsletter function

  • Remote author submission module for News, Articles, FAQs and Links

  • Object hierarchy - as many sections, departments, divisions and pages as you want

  • News feed manager. Choose from over 360 news feeds from around the world

  • Archive manager. Put your old articles into cold storage rather than throw them out

  • Email-a-friend and Print-format for every story and article

  • In-line Text editor similar to Word Pad

  • Image gallery

  • eComerce and online shopping functionality

To find out more about utilising this cutting edge technology for your website, contact us now. You'll be surprised at how cost effective a Joomla CMS solution can be for your company or organisation.