Joomla Support and Maintenance

joomla website maintenance and supportJoomla Portal Maintenance*

We offer a range of services to ensure that our Client websites are always current and up-to-date. Joomla is constantly under going modifications and improvements that require application of patches to the core files. The advantage of this to our clients is that your website is always using the latest technologies and security updates.

Joomla Site Support*

Not only does Halcyon Daze design and develop your websites, but also provides support whenever necessary. From the likes of maintenance such as keeping the site updated and functioning as well as troubleshooting related tasks, our support team can assist you with any help you might require in maintaining or updating your Joomla website.

Joomla Site Security

With the cyber world always targeted by malicious attempts to hack websites, it is important that your Joomla site is kept up to date with the latest security patches released by Joomla and Open Source Matters. These releases happen on a regular basis and Joomla Australia will apply these to Client sites as part of our support plan. Please ask for details of a support plan to suit your needs.

Has Your Joomla Website Been Hacked? We Can Restore Your Site*

It is an unfortunate fact of life in this modern world that our websites are constantly under seige from hackers and malware. If your site is compromised, there is every chance we can find and remove the code or files and get your site back up and running again. In the event of hacking, the next most important thing is putting measures in place to ensure it does not happen again.

If your website has been compromised or hacked, please make contact with us immediately - Telephone or Email

* To help you get on top of any Joomla support issues you have, we offer 30 minutes free trouble shooting so we can both find out what the issue is. Our hourly rate for support applies after the initial consultation.